In line with our vision to develop inquiring, self-confident, independent, productive learners with substantial capabilities for a bright future, we chose to offer our students the Artificial Intelligence (AI, AR & VR) courses within the school curriculum. These high-quality standardized courses are carefully designed for young children to learn about the latest AI technologies and simulation systems ( AR+VR). Our students in Grades (6-10) will enjoy learning the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and Machine Learning in a very exciting and engaging hands-on approach. Our featured learning environment will pave their way for further education and qualify them to outperform their peers locally and globally.

“Introduction to Artificial Intelligence” is a featured course designed for children with basic or no programming experience. Grades (6-10) students will be able to learn about the main concepts of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and apply various Machine Learning techniques using blocks of code. The course provides children with an amazing experience where they can enjoy talking to a character in a program, they can create the character themselves and give it instructions to perform different tasks intelligently.

Learners from Grades (6-10) will have the ultimate exciting experience when they learn AI and STEM. They will be provided with the skills to program and create their own innovative solutions to real-world problems using different AI applications. In this course, students will be guided to assemble, program, and test different projects following a scientific hands-on approach. Moreover, they will use simulators and hardware tools to design their own solutions with the different variations they can imagine.

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are the future of learning. They expose learners to extraordinary experiences while they are at home or in the classroom. Our learners will be able to learn about how to use AR and VR in different contexts and be engaged in wonderful 3D AR and VR learning experiences.  


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