Principal's Welcome Note

Ms. Janette Wakileh has been involved in education for over 35 years. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Business Administration. She later pursued further studies in Education and earned her Masters Degree in Educational Leadership.

Ms.Wakileh has been involved in a number of committees throughout her career and led several educational initiatives, facilitated Enrichment Programs and has played a critical role in many aspects of educational professional development. She attended specialized and intensive workshops in Education, Teaching and Learning and Leadership in prestigious universities all over the world.

Ms.Wakileh is a member of the World Council for Gifted and Talented Children (WCGTC) and has served as (WCGTC) Delegate for over 15 years. Ms.Wakileh believes that all children can learn but each learns in a different approach, and she also believes that with hard work and perseverance we can touch each child in a special way. Keeping the atmosphere positive is the key to success as well as keeping the lines of communication open among staff, students and parents.

Ms.Wakileh is a very visible principal and she thinks that the best part of her job is visiting students in all areas of the school; classrooms and playgrounds. Ms.Wakileh’s motto is “Working hard is enjoyable when you love what you do and get the desired results.”

Janette Wakileh

School Principal

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