PYP Curriculum

AIS is an authorized school to deliver the IB Primary Years Programme, which provides a framework through which teachers can structure delivery of curriculum in a meaningful, inquiry-based and consistent approach. We live by and up to all the attributes of the IB Learner Profile to develop students who are inquirers, knowledgeable, confident, caring and internationally minded. Our long-term goal is to develop lifelong learners who possess strong values and ethics and who are empowered to make a difference.

While our students are engaged in this programme, they are given ongoing opportunities to develop a variety of qualities and skills through their inquiries. Students are actively engaged in their inquiries and make meaningful connections from their learning to the world around them. Further to this, as children progress through their years in the programme, they also begin to see that they are able to contribute to their school and country on many levels and take action to affect change.

Our PYP is guided by six Units of Inquiry that provide the framework for exploration and study. The six transdisciplinary themes are explored using knowledge, skills and key concepts.

We seek to inspire young minds and to challenge each child to identify and develop their unique talents through engagement in different types of hands-on experiences, investigation, research and reading.

At AIS, we promote higher level thinking skills, effective communication skills and research skills through our differentiated learning experiences and on-going assessment.

We believe that reading is a developmental process that involves constructing meaning from text. Hence, Asamiah students practise their reading skills through class novels and stories, our levelled reading programme, our library (media centre) and winter/summer reading programme. To train our children to be reflective and to express their thoughts freely, we encourage them to reflect on what they read.

At Asamiah, PYP students create a portfolio based on a range of experiences and curriculum areas. The portfolio is a collection of work selected by the students and teachers and is a record of students’ involvement in learning. It is designed to demonstrate success, growth, thinking skills, creativity, assessment strategies and reflection. It is a celebration of each student’s active mind at work and provides a picture of progress and development over a period of time. Portfolios enable students to reflect on their work with teachers, parents and peers in order to identify their strengths and growth as well as areas for improvement.

To support voice, choice and ownership for everyone in our learning community, learners partner with teachers and take charge of when, where and why they learn. They are also encouraged to take meaningful and intentional action, hence acknowledging the rights and responsibilities of every individual.

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