AIS provides a high standard of healthcare for all students and staff during school hours. The school employs a full-time qualified general practitioner (GP) who is responsible for all aspects of student and staff medical health needs. The school also employs a qualified nurse (located mainly in the KG) who provides first aid treatment for the KG students under the supervision of the school doctor.

The school has two fully equipped clinics: one in the KG, and the other in the junior school premises.

The clinics are well equipped with medical supplies for medical care and emergencies. These include a stretcher, wheelchair, oxygen cylinder, Ambo bag for CPR, nebulizer for Asthma attacks, Glucocheck (to check blood glucose levels), and different first aid medications such as painkillers and antipyretic drugs, etc…….

The School Clinic provides the following services:

  • Regular medical and dental checkups once a year are provided for all students. Notes are sent to parents regarding any abnormal findings.
  • Physical checkups for students and staff that require medical attention and medication as needed.
  • Our students are covered by our accident insurance policy against accidents on school premises and on buses. In case of an accident, the school doctor evaluates the case and refers the student to hospital if needed. The school nurse or any other well trained and medically oriented school employee will accompany the child to hospital after contacting the parents.
  • In cooperation with the Ministry of Heath, the school doctor administers the required vaccinations to students according to their age after obtaining parental approval.
  • Health education and awareness regarding Hygiene, Safety, Nutrition and different health issues among students, staff and parents are conducted through lectures and activities.
  • Maintain healthy and safe environments by conducting rotational inspections for the Cafeteria, Bathrooms, Water sources and Classrooms. The school doctor supervises the Cafeteria staff ensuring medical checkups every 6 months for all staff.
  • Annual medical check-ups are carried out to ensure our bus drivers are in good health.
  • Student’s medical reports are updated on an annual basis.
  • Students that suffer from chronic diseases are followed and monitored constantly by our medical staff.

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