At AIS, we are committed to offering first-class educational environment to our students. AIS adopts the latest international technology in education. In order to best serve our students, the school has implemented technology-rich services built on top of fault-tolerant, scalable, redundant and secure IT infrastructure.

AIS IT facilities

Computer Labs: AIS has 2 computer labs , laptop and ipad trollies which are dedicated for KG. Our computer labs are equipped with Hi-Tech computers in addition to the Interactive Whiteboards and projectors available in each computer lab. Computer labs are available for students during the school days and on Saturdays.

Library: At AIS, we believe that the school library is the research and media center that provides a wealth of information for staff and students alike. Therefore, AIS has invested not only in the library itself, but also in the library system as well. Destiny Library Manager is our e-library system. This system strengthens the library - to - classroom connection and expands its scope beyond “normal” operating hours. Students and parents are able to search for information from any place at anytime on 24/7 basis.

eBooks: AIS enriches both libraries ( school and KG ) with eBooks resources from Follett.
eBooks are dynamic teaching tools that enhance learning both in the library and the classroom. Students can do research easily and take notes on important information with eBook's embedded tools. Follett eBooks get students more involved in learning. eBooks can be accessed online from anywhere or can be downloaded offline for a certain period of time.

Interactive Whiteboards and Projectors: Interactive Whiteboards are very effective educational tools; they are attractive for students and allow them to work collaboratively. Grades KG1-5 classes are equipped with an interactive whiteboard and a projector. Grades 6-9 classes are equipped with projectors and white screens which are regularly used to enhance learning.

School Network: AIS provides staff and students with wired and wireless network connectivity. The Wi-Fi connection helps our staff access the internet using their laptops when they are not using a computer with an Ethernet cable. Our network is protected against inappropriate usage, and the students can safely browse the internet. Web surfing is monitored, contents are safe, and inappropriate material is filtered out.

Surveillance Cameras: AIS implements a monitoring system through surveillance cameras. Cameras are distributed all over the school; on corridors, play areas as well as entry and exit doors to ensure students’ safety.

School Management System (SMS): AIS has an integrated School Management System from Eskadenya that meets the school, teachers, students and parents' requirements. The system keeps a record for all students transactions related to student enrollment, personal information, attendance, health records, activities and report cards.

iPads: Enthusiasm and willingness to read are integral factors in developing reading competencies. Therefore, AIS has an iPad corner in both libraries (school and KG) to increase students' love for reading; especially for eBooks.

  • AIS Portal: AIS is launching the school portal through phases. The main goal of portal is to enable parents to track all their children's interactions and commitments such as homework, marks, attendance and fees.
  • Short Text Messages: AIS uses the short message service (SMS) to send messages for parents in case of emergencies or as reminders of some important events.

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