IB World Schools Yearbook 2023

Asamiah International School (AIS) is a co-educational, bilingual, and an IB continuum school. AIS encompasses various formal educational stages, commencing at kindergarten and transcending into the IB PYP, MYP and DP of education. In spite of this variability, AIS is committed to ensuring it creates a safe, thriving, open and loving milieu for each of the educational phases.  

The students lie at the heart of the school’s mission. The school recognizes and accentuate the importance of instilling certain principles and values in its students, all the while developing inherent qualities such as inquiry, thought, and imagination. This is interweaved into their learning experiences at school and further enhanced through their participation in community service and social development.

AIS aims to provide every learner with the finest education possible. The school continuously works on developing rich, holistic and rigorous conceptual-based curricula that is delivered through vibrant and engaging teaching approaches deeply stemmed from the IB pedagogy and practices. Teaching approaches are tailored to meet the students’ preferences and diversity, and are aimed at developing and challenging students’ skills and abilities so they may become independent and confident learners. Furthermore, the programme is conducted in compliance with the demands of the 21st century, and as such is constantly progressing to integrate new knowledge, approaches, facilities and areas of study. The recent integration of artificial intelligence as an additional field of study, is perhaps an evident example of such advances. 

The after-school activities are designed to complement the school’s programs and provide students with an opportunity to acquire extra-curricular skills.

At AIS, we prepare children for the real world. A means to such preparation is linking the learning to the real world. This may help students understand the context of their studies for them to better fathom the sphere in which they inhabit.

Moreover, the school is promoting students to become international-minded citizens who embrace differences and are more tolerant towards the spectrums of people. A means to achieve this is encouraging students to become proficient at multiple languages. Therefore, the school offers language courses in Arabic, English and German. Multilingualism will allow students to encounter a new culture, learning their modes of communication and thus establishing a more in-depth understanding of their views and behaviors. This will contribute to their international-mindedness and ability to interrelate to a given global context.   

It is such cornerstones and principles that allow the AIS to emulate alongside excellent IB schools in the country. The school observes the students as they progress from year to year, making many academic, social and physical achievements and evolving into autonomous learners. Upon completing their journey at AIS, the students would have received optimal learning and have been able to leave a tangible impact in their community through positive action and service.

As such, AIS students tend to exhibit outstanding characteristics and remarkable results. Upon embarking on a new phase of life, they continue to withhold such standards at heart. The school is pleased with the AIS alumni, who have been able to make many personal and academic realizations, and the school continues to strive in delivering excellence to help benchmark a better society; a better world.

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