MUN is a simulation of United Nations' conferences where students take the role of activists who aim at providing solutions for concurrent conflicts.

MUN conferences usually have various committees like the General Assembly, Security Council and HRC (Human Rights Council) and also some non-conventional committees like ECOSOC. In MUN each student is designated a country or an organization where he or she takes part in a committee; committees sit to discuss the proposed issues by delegating the stands of the countries they are given.

The purpose of MUN is to raise political, social and economic awareness of real-life conflicts and to encourage students to be principled and thoroughly alert to the importance of human rights and political institutions. Also, the MUN aims at developing the students’ communication skills and ability to negotiate and listen actively and openly to other perspectives. 

Asamiah International School's 3rd MUN is designed around the theme: "Towards the Middle Ease". We seek to raise knowledge and awareness in our young students about the conflicts the Middle East is facing currently in terms of wars, strikes, political mayhems, climate changes, etc. This theme is set to teach the future generations how to deal with possible future conflicts in order for them to be able to build a better community, a better Middle East.

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