Bilingual Teaching and Play-Based Classrooms

Our AIS KG bilingual system allows two different language teachers to attend in one class for a whole day. In this process, the learners themselves gain linguistic skills from learning the English language in addition to classical Arabic.
Also, fun is a key feature in our learning process. Research has explored that play-based learning encourages language skills, supports pre-literacy skills, develops social and emotional skills and fosters creativity and imagination.

Arts and Messy Exploration

School is so much more than reading, writing and mathematics and at AIS, we know that the arts provide a way for children to discover they can make a contribution; it empowers them and raises their self-esteem. The arts, from Music and Drama to arts and crafts, let children put their own individual stamp on what they are good at.Messy play contributes enormously to the development of a child’s cognitive and creative abilities. It allows a child to explore their senses by providing the opportunity to pour, mix, squeeze and squelch materials not normally available to them. Also, not having to produce something in particular, leaves a child free to explore all sorts of possibilities.

Events and After School Clubs

AIS KG specializes in a variety of events tailored for our learners which nourishes their mind. Adding events as a part of the yearly calendar works well for reinforcing elements pertaining to growth and development.
Plus, it's no secret that after-school activities do wonders for a child's development. Our AIS KG After-school programs and activities include basketball, taekwondo, Zumba, art and much more. They give our little ones a chance to be themselves, free of the structure they face at school.

Character Building

AIS teaching and learning is deeply connected and rooted in the IB Leaner program. All staff at AIS are required to mirror the IB Learner Profile traits through their daily interactions with students, parents and the school community at large. Thus we lead by example, helping the children better acquire desired personality outcomes.


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